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ATOM 9×20 ET25 5×112 CB66,5 BLACK DIAMOND

Audi Audi A4 Allroad B8, B81
Audi Audi A5 B8, B81
Audi Audi A5 B8, B81 (F5)
Audi Audi A7 Sportback 4G, 4G1
Audi Audi A7 Sportback F2
Audi Audi A7 Sportback TFSIe F2
Audi Audi A8 4H
Audi Audi A8 F8
Audi Audi Q3 (I) 8U, 8U1
Audi Audi Q5 (I) 8R, 8R1, 8R2
Audi Audi RS Q3 (I) 8U
Audi Audi RS4 B8 (F4)
Audi Audi RS5 B8
Audi Audi RS5 B8 (F5)
Audi Audi RS6 4G
Audi Audi RS7 Sportback 4G
Audi Audi S5 B8, B81
Audi Audi S5 B8, B81 (F5)
Audi Audi S7 Sportback 4G, 4G1
Audi Audi S7 Sportback F2
Audi Audi S8 4H
Audi Audi S8 F8
Audi Audi SQ5 (I) 8R, 8R1
Mercedes-Benz CLS-Klasse 219
Mercedes-Benz (AMG) GLC 43 AMG 204X
Mercedes-Benz (AMG) GLC 43 AMG Coupè 204X
Mercedes-Benz GLC-Coupè 204X
Mercedes-Benz GLC-Klasse 204X
Mercedes-Benz SL 230, 231
Volkswagen VW Tiguan (II) Allspace R-Line 5N
Volkswagen VW Tiguan (II) R 5N
Volkswagen VW Tiguan (II) R-Line 5N
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90 488 Ft
Nincs raktáron


Designed by drawing inspiration from the unique character of the four-ring company, Atom has an innovative and very elegant design, intended primarily for Audi enthusiasts who refuse to compromise.

Technical specifications:

This model is manufactured with an original adaptation, designed in compliance with the technical specifications of the first plant in order to ensure the best result during assembly on the car, in line with what is specified in the applications list.

Legal Notes:

Model duly registered with the EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office (registration code 002702241-0001).

There is no ongoing business relationship with VW AG or with its models and registered trademarks, which are legally represented here only for descriptive purposes.

22 kg/db
Min. rendelhető mennyiség
4 db